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Underlayer Kraft Paper,70-80gsm

Underlayer Kraft Paper

Underlayer Kraft Paper
Underlayer Kraft Paper (CAM USE)


Products: Underlayer Kraft Paper (CAM USE)
Available Substance: 70gsm-250gsm
Available Spec.: 48", 60", 62", 63", and 72".


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About Us:
We are the biggest manufacturer in China dealing in such kind of special paper products, such as plotter paper, marker paper, kraft paper, perforated kraft paper, HDPE film, tissue paper, jobticket paper, underlayer paper, interleaving tissue paper, CAD LL plotter pen, CAM cutter blade, plastic bristle and so on. Most Gerber and Lectra users adopt our paper products for their CAD and CAM system. Because our products meet their highest quality standards-flat, wrinkle-free, yet flexible and full of luster.


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