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Plotter Paper for Garment Industrial CAD/CAM system

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CAD Plotter Paper

CAD plotter paper

CAD plotter paper
CAD plotter paper used CAD plotter in garment industry . It can also be used for handdrawing in garment industry.


CAD plotter paper used CAD plotter in garment industry . It can also be used for handdrawing in garment industry.
Product name: CAD plotter paper/Marker paper


Substance: 60/70gsm


Weigh per roll : 25kg,30kg,35kg,35kg,40kg,,45kg,50kg (width and weigh can be changed as customers’ requirement)

Core:3 inch



1). Eco-friendly Plotter paper and Market paper

2). Flush wrinkle-fee and uniformly wound

3). Braded strong concentric fresh paper cores with accurate inner diameter

4). High-quality, exquisite in texture and good in toughness

5). Able to pass machine freely, good in stiffness, seamless

6). Good for prolonging the service life of printer

7). High whiteness, conductive to clear printing effect

8). Applicable to all kinds of large printer, and convenient in use



Export standard package for every roll or ream

Inner: water-proof poly film

Outer: moisture-proof kraft paper

The inner core of marker paper is manufactured to Gerber and Lectra machine standards,and there is also our STARLINKS LOGO printing inside.
It is very trim at two ends, no joints, no wrinkle, no damage.
Pls feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products. Thanks in advance.


Application and usage:

1, CAD PLOTTER PAPER : could be used on all garment pen and inkjet plotter machines such as Gerber. Lectra, Investronica, PGM, ASSYST BJLLMER, KURIS, KAWAKAMI. Etc

2, CAM CUTTING MACHINE: used on automatic cutter machine

3, Manual Plotter Paper and Marker Paper: used on manual plotting.


About Us:
    We are the biggest manufacturer in China dealing in such kind of special paper products, such as plotter paper, marker paper, kraft paper, perforated kraft paper, HDPE film, tissue paper, jobticket paper, underlayer paper, interleaving tissue paper, CAD LL plotter pen, CAM cutter blade, plastic bristle and so on. Most Gerber and Lectra users adopt our paper products for their CAD and CAM system. Because our products meet their highest quality standards-flat, wrinkle-free, yet flexible and full of luster.

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