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HDPE Cover Film

Polythene Film (HDPE film)

Polythene Film (HDPE film)
Supplying poly film for garment cutting room as CAM cover.


Product Details: 

Material PE
Feature Moisture Proof
Hardness Soft
Transparency Translucent
Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Starlinks
Model Number 031
Type Specialty Stretch
Style Jumbo Roll
Use Machine Roll
Place of Origin China
Brand Name China HOBY
Model Number HDPE FILM
thickness 0.02-0.06mm

Supplying poly film for garment cutting room as CAM cover.

Application: For putting on the upper of fabrics for auto-cutting machine table to prevent the air come into the fabric again after cutter aborbed the vacuum.

Thickness: 0.025mm-0.05mm

Width: Max to 104''

Material: HDPE 



Paper and accessories for garments including CAD plotter paper, marker paper,
perforated Kraft paper, HDPE films, tissue paper and Kraft paper,Underlayer paper ,
Cardboard paper ,pattern paper,jobticket paper ,Newsprint paper, paperGerber cutter blade knife,
Gerber long-life fisher,Lectra plastic bristle ,Gerber Paper overpunched / Gerber Film / Plotter Paper




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