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Plotter Paper for Garment Industrial CAD/CAM system

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CAD Plotter Paper

High Quality CAD plotter Paper for Garment Factory

High  Quality CAD plotter Paper for Garment Factory
Our plotter paper on the Ink plotter machine
Our product used for garments factory and drawing machine,Inner package wrap with HDPE film, Outside package wrap with 125 gsm brown kraft paper


1). Eco-friendly Plotter paper and Market paper

2). Flush wrinkle-fee and uniformly wound

3). Braded strong concentric fresh paper cores with accurate inner diameter

4). High-quality, exquisite in texture and good in toughness

5). Able to pass machine freely, good in stiffness, seamless

6). Good for prolonging the service life of printer

7). High whiteness, conductive to clear printing effect

8). Applicable to all kinds of large printer, and convenient in use


sample picture:

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