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    The Youngor Group was founded in 1979. Over the three decades’ development, the Group established businesses in sectors including property development and equity investment, in addition to its core business of branded garment manufacturing and marketing. The Youngor Group is now a major multinational corporation, employing over 50,000 people. Youngor Group Company Limited – a member company of the Group – is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange
    The Youngor Group reached sales volume of RMB 33.48 billion in 2010, and total net profit of RMB 4.899 billion and taxation of RMB 2.231 billion. Now the Group’s total assets has reached RMB 58.1 billion and net assets of RMB 18.2 billon.

Branded Garments

    Garment manufacturing and marketing is the core business of the Youngor Group. After 30 years’ development, the Group has become a vertically integrated business in textile and garment manufacturing. In 2010, Youngor has made many breakthroughs in terms of industrial chain optimization, brand matrix building, gradient transferring of production bases, as well as in the transformation of brand operation,
future-oriented hemp industrial development, and branded garment sectors.

    The Youngor Group operates a network of over 100 branch offices and over 400 company-owned stores, and over 2,000 outlets across China. After having won six China-renown brands in the product lines of shirts, suits, trousers, casual jackets, ties and T-shirts, Youngor shirts became the first products to be exempted from export quality inspection in China, and has enjoyed the biggest comprehensive market share in China shirt market for sixteen consecutive years; and Youngor suits, eleven consecutive years. Other than that, Youngor brand was voted as the consumers’ favorite brands and industry trade mark in China.

    In 2010, Youngor declared its brand strategy in Beijing, the brands under Youngor like MAYOR, YOUNGOR, GY, HEMP FAMILY, Hart Schaffner Marx made their debut appearance all at once, which marks a new milestone of Youngor’s brand building course.

The brands of MAYOR, CEO, GY originates from the Youngor’s existing brands, focusing on public servants, business people, young and trendy groups respectively, the goal of brand subdivision is to further the brand positioning to create distinctive features;

    "China Hemp Family", as Youngor’s self-developed green hemp products, has been displayed in hemp-life shops in Ningbo, Beijing and other cities. Hart Schaffner Marx, a well-known brand from United States, is being represented by Youngor in China market.

Property Development

    Youngor group started its venture in property development in 1992, and has developed high-quality properties such as East Lake Garden, East Lake Fragrant Garden, Urban Forest, Suzhou Future Town, Ocean View Garden and Beverly on Qian Lake and other residential, villa and commercial properties; and the total floor area of all those proper projects have reached three million square meters, which has won a wide consumer and market recognition.

To create a civilized, harmonious, elegant living environment is Youngor Property’s business concept, and Youngor Proper is striving to become a pioneer of quality-living property developer.

    In recent years, Youngor’s real estate development is gradually extending to the Yangtze River Delta. Youngor group, after the establishment of Youngor Property holding company in 2010, has been further integrating its real estate business, exploring more markets in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Suzhou, and other developed cities in Yangtze River Delta . By focusing on high-end properties, the sales of Youngor property holding Co. has exceeded the threshold of RMB 10 billion, which indicates the initial completion of the deployment in Yangtze River Delta. In the following ten years, Youngor Property will spare no efforts to become one of China's real estate top brands.

Financial investment

    Since 1993, Youngor Group has started financial investment, and engaged in several strategic investments in companies with strong growth potentials.

With the deepening investment in the areas of financial industry, resource companies, industry first-runners, financial investment has become the Group's exploratory industry.

    In 2008, Youngor established Kaishi Investment Management Company, which now has garnered a number of senior investment management experts. The company is principally engaged in investment management and consultation, and its investment business is now becoming more professional and moving deeper and further in different industries.

    In 2010, Youngor group, through Kaishi Investment, invested over RMB seven billion in different areas, and the total investment volume of Kaishi Investment amounted to RMB 10 billion, and the company has harvested favorable return on investment. Youngor’s professional investment team has a strong investing and research capacity, through the integration of investment and research, the company can better adapt itself to the changing market, and has created a new development model.


Historical Timeline of Youngor Group
1979  Youth Garment Factory sets up, the predecessor of Youngor Group.

1983  The factory starts business affiliation, and creates first brand "Beilun Port ".

1990  The factory starts joint venture, and officially launches the "Youngor" brand.

1992 Youngor starts real estate development.

1993 Youngor starts financial investment.

1998  Youngor Group Co., Ltd is Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange

2001  International Garment City completes, the largest clothing manufacturing base.

2004  Textile City completes, an important production base for high-end textile fabrics

2007  Youngor group acquires Xinma group, starting the international business.

2008  Shanghai Kaishi Investment Co. sets up, for investment management and consulting.

2009  Youngor Garments Holding Co. and Youngor Property Holding Co. set up.

2010  Youngor launches five brands.


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