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    Located in Jinjiang of Fujian, Fujian Septwolves Industry Co., Ltd., (stock code: 002029) is the first public high-tech clothing enterprise in China. The Company adheres to the mission of “Classics inherits fashion and brand motivates life”, and firstly advocates the culture operation concept of clothing brand, forming modern enterprise operation system centralized on brand and led by lifestyle industry. while rooting in the profound traditional Chinese culture, Septwolves has been digesting western fashion elements into her design concept and committed to promoting the integration of traditional Chinese culture and modern fashion innovation industry since the establishment in 1990,Ambitioning the leadership of modern fashion, Septwolves advocates the non-material culture spirit and life style. Up to 2008, Septwolves clothing ranked the first place in Chinese market successively for nine years.

    In Fujian, there is such a 120,000 square-meter modern industrial park named as Fujian Jinjing Industrial Park, which boasts rational planning, standard management and complete functions and has an over 50% greening area. This is manufacturing base of Septwolves. The Production Department in the Park possesses dozens of production lines for leisure jackets, T-shirts, leisure pants as well as suits and trousers. While playing the leadership to realize the electronization of various sewing equipment, the Company is also a contributor for after-treatment and packing of the clothing and hat. The advanced and scientific ERP production management system allows the Company to build a modern digital-technology-on production system for clothing enterprise and to cater for the requirements of Chinese and overseas customers.

    Embracing lots of professional clothing design talents, Septwolves maximally utilizes the technologies and experience. Through fully imagining the wearing scenes, she carries out the development design centralizing on customer value. At present, Septwolves starts partnership with the top clothing designers from France, Japan and Hong Kong to make main and branch development for her own brand just to realize her guarantee to offer the latest fashionable clothing commodities and create the excellent commodity value in Chinese market. 
    To adapt to the new “Life club” terminal marketing mode, Septwolves divides the brand into various styles as “International designer”, “Business”, “Leisure”, “Jeans”, “Women’s wear” and “Children’s wear” according to the diversifications and locations of her production lines, so as to make herself a classical choice of one-stop fashion purchasing, life and family. As the leading enterprise of Chinese clothing brand-business of clothing industry, Septwolves challenges for creating new brand value every moment and explores her vision all over the world.

    Septwolves is the forerunner to combine sports and brand mode in Chinese clothing industry. In 2003 and 2005, the Company’s twice cooperation with “Real Madrid”, were regarded as the top successful sports marketing case in China. Septwolves is the only designated clothing sponsor for Chinese touring of Real Madrid, which not only coincides with her enterprise culture, but also speeds up the international progress based on her international operation strategy—drawing supports from world top football clubs.
    In the meantime, the Company combines the clothing design concept with the brand image “savagery, teamwork, passion and challenge” of Real Madrid, to enrich the culture connotation of “Wolves” as well as greatly promote her brand value.
    In addition, by sponsoring such major sports games as Xiamen International Marathon, Chinese National Games, Province Games, China Police Rally Racing and Victory Challenge Mobile Sailing, Septwolves popularizes her brand culture of “Striving”, “Progress” and “Victory seeking”.
Septwolves also focuses her culture development on social trend. She never breaks her strengthening service power for social culture development nor promoting the integration of Chinese traditional culture and modern fashion innovation.
    Reaching her hands out to PKU Television Study Center, she founded Septwolves PKU Fund to hold irregular culture forum and exchange the thoughts on the current events and hotspots. Up till now, several forums have been held covering the themes of culture, arts, China and media, ranking the essence of culture forums.
    Relying on the professional resource platform of China Academy of Art, the Company established “Septwolves Culture Research Center” to conduct specific researches on living standards, life styles, orientation of life aesthetic appreciation, purchasing motivations as well as fashion trend of Chinese consumers and collect foreign fashion information samples.
    The Company has cooperated with London Government for the fashion activities as “London•Septwolves Fashion Night” and Diplomat Salon Cooperation, which reflects the continuously-expanded international vision, not only boosting the combination of Chinese and foreign culture in product design, but also promoting the culture communication.

    When paying cares to her wolf partners, Septwolves is also so generous to social education and charities by holding and sponsoring many activities like donations for the areas suffering from snow damage, earthquakes and the Hope Project, as well as establishing “Septwolves Culture Development Fund” together with News Research Center of Peking University and setting “Septwolves Awards and Stipend” in ten universities of China. From donations for education and supports to infrastructure construction to sponsorship for Chinese sports and cultures, Septwolves’s activities always unfolds her enterprise citizen’s obligations to us. When producing economic value, Septwolves insists on giving feedbacks to the society with actions, which appeals and brings more and more enterprises into contributing for the public activities. She deserves great respect from the society.
    As the leading enterprise of China clothing, Septwolves is forming a kind of feature which identifies her from her competitors. Septwolves people who bear responsibilities and mission firmly believe the principle of “To survive, you must be more capable to adapt to the environment. As wolves do, you must catch your eyes on targets and trust your partners and yourselves”.
    At this new development stage, Septwolves newly abstracts the core value: Honest, responsible, professional and innovative. The Company is expecting to build the special wolf feature with regards to her professions, innovations and responsibilities, and create value for customers, shareholders and employees.
    It can be foreseeable that Septwolves will realize new stride encouraged by new target, and contribute the wisdom and strength for Chinese clothing industry and spirit.


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