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    GOELIA is founded in 1995, more than 16 years ago. We are a ladies' fashion brand with headquarters in China. To discover, to live and to share a fashionable and healthy lifestyle with our customers is our vision. GOELIA has built-up and continuously expanded our customer base by offering trendy products with limitless styling possibilities, rest-assuring quality, reasonable pricing and easily accessible sales networks. Now we have more than 500 shops all over China covering more than 200 cities. We also have shops in Norway, Egypt, Kuwait, Syria, Singapore, and Indonesia.

    Most of our customers are in their mid-twenties to early-thirties, who are starting their very important era in both their personal and professional life, during which values and lifestyle are cultivated. GOELIA is aiming to be an important partner of our customers in the grooming of their personal styles, both in fashion and in everyday life. We believe that sharing our experiences in travel is a good way to communicate our values and insights.

    We have started our "World Tour" more than 10 years ago and have just completed the 24th stop for 2011Winter (Edinburgh of Scotland). Since 2002, our brand will choose a city as the "muse" of a particular season and fuse the inspirations from this "muse" city into the upcoming fashion trend. During the journeys, we try to discover the beauty of the cities through the eye of GOELIA. Products and promotions are then evolved.

    GOELIA is offering a brand experience that is not only trendy, but also with stories and perspectives. "Discover more, live more" is the best description of our brand philosophy.


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